I recently attended a very informative conference put on by the Urban Development Institute Okanagan Chapter: “Our Future City”.

Significant to me was the keynote speaker “Cameron Uganec, Senior Director of Growth Marketing & Education at Hootsuite Media Inc.”  addressing the rapid technological change in the world and the opportunities that we “The Okanagan” have with our already booming tech sector.

Can we really be an industry leader in this exciting technological or are we already?

Our local tech industry has recently shown a 30 percent growth in revenue over 2 years in its 1.3 billion dollar tech industry.

Do we have the young talent that is required in this industry?

BlueSky at Black Mountain  is pleased to have a diverse mix of people living in our development. We are proud to be building a quality community that appeal to the lifestyles of many residents and we hope to be part of the movement to attract the needed talent for the tech sector in Kelowna.



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