BlueSky at Black Mountain is thrilled that there is a new kid in town, sort of.  Actually, he has been around for a while but, as of June 1, has become a full-fledged, 100%, Melcor employee doing sales at BlueSky which is why we think of him as the new kid.

Greg Vinton is no longer affiliated with any specific home building company; he’s a salesman with a twist.  Not only is he a really nice guy with a great voice for radio but, he has also worked with hundreds of clients guiding them through the home building process.  Greg can answer the tough questions about building homes like:  “Where does the driveway go on this lot?  Where does the sewer go?  What does changing the grade mean?  How much glazing is allowed?  How do I get my mail?  Why do I need a building permit?  Do you know any good lawyers? Where are the closest schools?” And even, “How high can my retaining wall be?”

He also has a great sense of humor.  On a tour through the new BlueSky showhome at 553 Carnoustie Drive, Greg even taught me how to use the “Control 4 System” which is the home automation and smart home control that runs the house.  It sounds very technical and challenging but, I burst out laughing when he referred to it as the, “integrated lighting/video and audio control, with a crazy fun doorbell cam…to get rid of solicitors or unwanted family”. It’s simple to use and a feature well created for hanging out in the nice, cool media room under the garage slab.

If you want a custom home like this beautiful one in the pictures, go see Greg at BlueSky!

BlueSky at Black MountainDream House BlueSky Kelowna
BlueSky KelownaBlueSky Showhome BathroomKelowna Properties




Alignwest Homes’ has created townhomes at BlueSky that showcase the synergy that can be created in two homes under one roof, each for a different demographic!

Oddly, Baby Boomers are happy to share a party wall with unrelated Generation Y, Echo Boomers.

“It’s a very cohesive experience for each homeowner that still gives them the ability to incorporate the different tastes, ideas, and styles needed in their personal lives,” says Alignwest Homes owner Dave Pfuetzner.

bluesky townhome kelowna real estatebluesky townhome kelowna properties

What else would we expect from the President of the CHBAO (Canadian Home Builders Association Okanagan), a Registered Housing Professional, Red Seal Journeyman Carpenter, and carpentry teacher at Okanagan College who has built almost 300 homes in his 25 years of design and building?

From my standpoint it’s more than just carpentry skills and credentials.  It’s about a person (Dave) who has the unique skill required to understand relationships and encourage collaborative success while planning and executing a home standard that can be utilized for years to come.

My tour with Dave began outside the building where he explained why he likes to use “High Heels” in all of his homes.  I was surprised by the comment until I understood that he was telling me about high heeled trusses for full R50 rating.

Apparently, high heeled trusses are fitted with a “heel” that provides extra space for uncompressed attic insulation which in turn reduces the temperature and pressure differences between living space below and the attic area.  A big advantage is the extra space enables installation of roof framing in just one day which reduces costs; helps mitigate moisture issues and potential ice buildup at the eaves.

Another impressive feature in the duplex is the soundproofing installed with the demising wall between each home. In the past there was less effort on sound control with single insulated fire walls without an airspace.  Align West builds multiple walls incorporating air space, multiple layers of drywall, sound board and insulation.  Extra “sound walls” are also installed in the more sensitive areas making them 4 walls thick.  Gone are the challenges of the past; like trying to listen to soothing music being drowned out by the children next door play a rousing game of floor hockey just inches away from your sacred meditation spot.

There are plenty of features Dave also provides including sealing the garage floor as well as the exterior concrete, outside rock that matches the exterior stone, and underground concrete pillar sidewalk supports.

For more information call Dave Pfuetzner at Align West Homes, “Bringing dreams, designs and expertise together”. IMG_7597


As we all are witnessing, Kelowna’s buzzing economy has resulted in a great deal of real estate changing hands and many new homes being created.  I thought it would be wise to provide profiles of some of the people building these homes, especially the ones at my favorite community in the middle of everywhere called, “BlueSky at Black Mountain”.

This blog is the first of a series that I intend to do on builders in and around our neighborhood.

Kelly and Anita Whitehouse own Outback Developments, and like their business cards state; they provide “Classic Construction with a Conscience”.  I really enjoyed interviewing them at the home they recently built on Prestwick Street so I could see exactly what that meant.

Kelly and Anita are both 47 years old with 2 grown children.  They have chosen to build in BlueSky at Black Mountain so they can be near Anita’s family home where she grew up.  Anita’s dad, Mr. Paavilainen still lives on his farm in Black Mountain at 94 years of age and has been out in the garden planting strawberries during this beautiful Okanagan spring.

They started Outback Developments in 2003, so they could build houses that would allow owners to be confident in the long lasting value of their home. After many years of real estate experience they had previously witnessed homes going up by builders trying to save a few dollars here and there, that eventually lead to premature failure, excessive on-going maintenance problems or even longer term adverse health consequences for the residents.

Continuing to build different homes with very high standards they challenge themselves to mitigate potential impact on the planet while delivering a truly healthy home to last a lifetime. They balance this concept by creating quality homes that are affordable and practical yet still provide owners with flexibility in how they use their homes, so that as their needs change over time their home will change with them.  They stand behind their name and quality, never use OSB, and have been ahead of the grade for years incorporating energy efficient products that are now becoming standard.

Anita is responsible for the design work and her exceptional eye for color and materials brings warmth and life to the beautiful homes they build.

Personally, after the tour of the home, if I was to choose one particular item that stood out it would be the luxurious walk-in curbless shower with glass enclosure in the master bath.  Superb!!

And, I just learned today that they have an offer pending on the house I toured.330_Prestwick-019 curbless tub

Introducing the highest elevation lots available in Kelowna!

New lots are available at BlueSky at Black Mountain. Build your dream home on a lot that features exceptional views over-looking Peachland, the Okanagan Valley, or the breathtaking Black Mountain Golf Club.

Above the Clouds Highest Residential Lots in Kelowna

With amazing views from every angle, these lots will sell-out quickly.

For more information please visit our show home and sales centre located at 553 Carnoustie Drive.

kelowna view lots

Enjoy the view from the top.

March 5, 2013

For more information please visit our showhome and sales centre located at 553 Carnoustie Drive.

View a spectacular video of the community here.

Contact Greg Vinton at 250.979.8359 or

Kelowna Homes are Flying Off the Shelves

Homes in Kelowna are flying off the shelves.  Not literally but, figuratively. Big City folk from all over the world are moving to this incredible community not only because the weather is exceptional, there is plenty to do, great education, lots of lakes, and great skiing but, also because this is a small town.

Why do locals think this is a small town?  There are approximately 122,000 people living here and we all know each other.  Okay so I exaggerated a bit but, truly this is a small town.

Putting this number into some perspective helps to understand the challenges of supply and demand for the local housing:

 The 2011 Census shows that Alberta had 3.8 Million people with 1.2M living in Calgary and not surprisingly 1.2M living in Edmonton. BC has 4.5M people and about 2.6M of them live in the Vancouver area.

Kelowna is the largest British Columbia city outside of the Vancouver area which means we are really the “big city of small towns”.

I like the description by our local Century 21 office “Kelowna: The Little Big City”



Driving around BlueSky at Black Mountain I counted five different excavators working, all at the same time, building homes in the Uplands of BlueSky at Black Mountain.

Eight different builders are in action and the concrete and lumber is flying on these beautiful Kelowna properties:

  1. Okanagan Premium Builders
  2. Alignwest Homes
  3. Rykon Construction
  4. Manzanita Homes
  5. Thorne Construction
  6. Outback Construction
  7. Carter Homes
  8. Okanagan Sunrise Construction

What this means is that there are very few lots left in the Uplands and it’s time to move up the hill to the Highlands at BlueSky.

Take a look at the activity by driving up Black Mountain Drive to the end and taking a left turn into the Uplands!

OK Sunrise, Lot9, Uplands, BlueSky at Black Mountain kelowna properties Manzanita Homes Lot 36, Uplands BlueSky at Black Mountain kelowna properties Align West Homes lot4, MF Bluesky at Black Mountain Thorne Construction Lot33, Uplands BlueSky at Black Mountain kelowna properties Rykon lot 2, MF Bluesky at Black Mountain Kelowna properties Okanagan Premium, 6a Showhome, BlueSky at Black Mountain Kelowna properties Okanagan Premium, Lot38, Uplands, BlueSky at Black Mountain Kelowna Properties Okanagan Premium, Lot40, Uplands, BlueSky at Black Mountain Kelowna Properties Outback Developments Lot 31, Uplands BlueSky at Black Mountain kelowna properties


This Black Mountain Irrigation District water reservoir has been in the works for years and it’s getting closer to reality every day!

There is an approximate five year horizon (with no definite dates) to complete the UV Building Facility, the transmission main for the water distribution system, any necessary zoning requirements with the City of Kelowna, a detailed design, as well as funding requests and we are happy to say that the Black Mountain Irrigation District is currently working through the entire process.

BlueSky at Black Mountain is absolutely thrilled to share that the beautiful views this lake will create will give Kelowna Properties at BlueSky an even higher value. Many of the lots at BlueSky are positioned specifically to take advantage of the view. Give Greg Vinton a call 250-979-8359

BlueSky is so excited they decided to have a local photographer, Colin Jewall create a depiction of how the lake may look from the Highlands and the Fairways at BlueSky.

View Depicted From the Highlands:

View Depicted From the Fairways:


A couple of days ago I began to write my latest blog, about a memorial bench for Shayla Rae Dawn Driver placed in McKinley Landing and how development companies can make a beautiful impact on the communities where they build. At that moment I received a call from Shayla’s mom, Tonya Alton.

Tonya wanted detailed information on the company that helped the McKinley Landing Residents Association to create the beautiful memorial to her daughter.

Within minutes I knew that Tonya would be the one to write the blog and I would simply share it on this site, “Kelowna is My Home”.

Please take the time to read the “Legacy of My Rae-bow Child” by Tonya Alton: