July 13, 2015
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BlueSky at Black Mountain is thrilled that there is a new kid in town, sort of.  Actually, he has been around for a while but, as of June 1, has become a full-fledged, 100%, Melcor employee doing sales at BlueSky which is why we think of him as the new kid.

Greg Vinton is no longer affiliated with any specific home building company; he’s a salesman with a twist.  Not only is he a really nice guy with a great voice for radio but, he has also worked with hundreds of clients guiding them through the home building process.  Greg can answer the tough questions about building homes like:  “Where does the driveway go on this lot?  Where does the sewer go?  What does changing the grade mean?  How much glazing is allowed?  How do I get my mail?  Why do I need a building permit?  Do you know any good lawyers? Where are the closest schools?” And even, “How high can my retaining wall be?”

He also has a great sense of humor.  On a tour through the new BlueSky showhome at 553 Carnoustie Drive, Greg even taught me how to use the “Control 4 System” which is the home automation and smart home control that runs the house.  It sounds very technical and challenging but, I burst out laughing when he referred to it as the, “integrated lighting/video and audio control, with a crazy fun doorbell cam…to get rid of solicitors or unwanted family”. It’s simple to use and a feature well created for hanging out in the nice, cool media room under the garage slab.

If you want a custom home like this beautiful one in the pictures, go see Greg at BlueSky!

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