Alignwest Homes’ has created townhomes at BlueSky that showcase the synergy that can be created in two homes under one roof, each for a different demographic!

Oddly, Baby Boomers are happy to share a party wall with unrelated Generation Y, Echo Boomers.

“It’s a very cohesive experience for each homeowner that still gives them the ability to incorporate the different tastes, ideas, and styles needed in their personal lives,” says Alignwest Homes owner Dave Pfuetzner.

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What else would we expect from the President of the CHBAO (Canadian Home Builders Association Okanagan), a Registered Housing Professional, Red Seal Journeyman Carpenter, and carpentry teacher at Okanagan College who has built almost 300 homes in his 25 years of design and building?

From my standpoint it’s more than just carpentry skills and credentials.  It’s about a person (Dave) who has the unique skill required to understand relationships and encourage collaborative success while planning and executing a home standard that can be utilized for years to come.

My tour with Dave began outside the building where he explained why he likes to use “High Heels” in all of his homes.  I was surprised by the comment until I understood that he was telling me about high heeled trusses for full R50 rating.

Apparently, high heeled trusses are fitted with a “heel” that provides extra space for uncompressed attic insulation which in turn reduces the temperature and pressure differences between living space below and the attic area.  A big advantage is the extra space enables installation of roof framing in just one day which reduces costs; helps mitigate moisture issues and potential ice buildup at the eaves.

Another impressive feature in the duplex is the soundproofing installed with the demising wall between each home. In the past there was less effort on sound control with single insulated fire walls without an airspace.  Align West builds multiple walls incorporating air space, multiple layers of drywall, sound board and insulation.  Extra “sound walls” are also installed in the more sensitive areas making them 4 walls thick.  Gone are the challenges of the past; like trying to listen to soothing music being drowned out by the children next door play a rousing game of floor hockey just inches away from your sacred meditation spot.

There are plenty of features Dave also provides including sealing the garage floor as well as the exterior concrete, outside rock that matches the exterior stone, and underground concrete pillar sidewalk supports.

For more information call Dave Pfuetzner at Align West Homes, “Bringing dreams, designs and expertise together”.  http://www.alignwesthomes.com/ IMG_7597