Kelowna Homes are Flying Off the Shelves

Homes in Kelowna are flying off the shelves.  Not literally but, figuratively. Big City folk from all over the world are moving to this incredible community not only because the weather is exceptional, there is plenty to do, great education, lots of lakes, and great skiing but, also because this is a small town.

Why do locals think this is a small town?  There are approximately 122,000 people living here and we all know each other.  Okay so I exaggerated a bit but, truly this is a small town.

Putting this number into some perspective helps to understand the challenges of supply and demand for the local housing:

 The 2011 Census shows that Alberta had 3.8 Million people with 1.2M living in Calgary and not surprisingly 1.2M living in Edmonton. BC has 4.5M people and about 2.6M of them live in the Vancouver area.

Kelowna is the largest British Columbia city outside of the Vancouver area which means we are really the “big city of small towns”.

I like the description by our local Century 21 office “Kelowna: The Little Big City”