Here is an interesting article from “The New York Times” with plenty of examples of how global supply and demand for housing is out of whack:

London needs 800,000 new housing units by 2021, Sydney’s median rent is $2,600 for a twobedroom apartment, and New York requires 300,000 units by 2030…..

There is a whole lot more to housing than simple supply and demand, for example: politics, restrictive regulations, as well as neighborhood and community concerns.  Thinking about shaping communities and neighborhoods there is a cost to political mandates, esthetics and restricting certain building forms that all tend to have an upward effect on price.

We are fortunate with our Kelowna Properties to live in a society of relatively mild politics and good collaboration between industry and the municipalities who are the regulators.

We have City living in the middle of an oasis called the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada.  Added to all the ethnic diversity and green living of this area are the incredible lakes for swimming, boating and fishing, beautiful trails for walking and biking, the mild winters, the proximity to ski hills, the amazing pubs, restaurants and bistros, and of course, the shopping! and

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