No they aren’t but, the caption sure paints an interesting picture!

According to the recently released City of Kelowna’s 2014 Construction Projects; under “Other 2014 Utility Projects” they are adding a “Pig Launcher” to the Lockview Lift Station in Kelowna.  

Think of it as a giant pipe cleaner. 

In some industrial applications they run a self-propelled cleaning pig through at the end of each product transfer.  It clears the contents so there is no line flushing required.

How did this pig acquire its name?  Originally, straw was wrapped in a wire and used to clean pipes.  This contraption made a squealing noise as it traveled through the pipe and many people thought it sounded like a pig squealing.

“While the ‘Pig Launcher” makes for some fun analogies, the big part of the story is that the City is spending $50 million on new and upgraded utility projects in 2014. This shows, in part, how our City is committed to ensuring the services are available and dependable for our growing population.

Follow this link to read the actual “2014 Construction Projects” document created by the City of Kelowna:

About the Rutland Community and Kelowna Properties

The Uptown Rutland Business Association has recently released their Annual General Report from 2013 and it is really worth sharing.

This report is short,  easy to read and interesting!  I am very impressed that it’s format is for the general public and not just the number crunchers.  It still has plenty of financial information for those of us who are detail oriented but, it is also a fun read!

URBA 2013 Annual General Report

Way to go URBA!



Hi there,

We recently presented a summary report to Kelowna City Council about the terrific year we had at the Festivals Kelowna events in 2013 and thought you might like to see it. Frankly, it’s due to the many wonderful community partners we have that we are able to bring our citizens the fun events we do. So, please accept our thanks yet again for being a part of the magic of festivals and events in our community.


Renata Mills, Executive Director, Festivals Kelowna

Thank you Renata Mills and Ryan Donn for letting be one of your wonderful community partners!!!

Ocean Front Property in Arizona/Kelowna???

Okay, so it’s not oceanfront but, it sure will be waterfront.

Yes, BlueSky owners you are definitely getting closer to owning water front property and it will be right in your own back yard – on Gopher Flats beside Black Mountain Golf Club!

The Black Mountain Irrigation District continues to move forward on the Black Mountain Reservoir and have received council approval for their water treatment plant.

The reservoir has been planned at this site since 1949. Since 1983, BMID has owned the land for the reservoir. It provides several benefits for the District. It allows for a more secure water supply for the domestic and irrigation customers within the District as it provides for 3,700 ac-ft of additional water storage.  For more info:

We created these Artist Rendering for marketing purposes only to get an idea of how it should look:

bluesky reservoir rendering onlyartist rendering