Yes, “Kelowna is My Home”

Yes, “Kelowna is My Home” and every day I am reminded why I love it so much.

Last week, I met a gentleman named Ken Manery who lives in the Fairways portion of our BlueSky subdivision. I learned that Ken moved to Kelowna from Ottawa in November of 2012 and really enjoys our area. He talked about his recent hike on the High Rim Trail right here in Kelowna’s backyard and I am embarrassed to say that I had never heard of it.

Ken went on to explain that the trail is about 54 km in length starting at Philpot Road off Highway 33 and following all the way to Vernon. He said the full hike takes about 3 or 4 days but, he has been taking day trips from different areas along the trail as there are numerous trail heads and everything is well marked.

So, I started doing research and was thrilled to learn that the High Rim Trail has trail heads in many places along the trek to Vernon and I had actually been near some of them riding my quad. So really I do know a little bit about this trail, I just didn’t know its name. There are trail heads near the Nordic Country Ski area, Postill Lake, Beaver Lake, Vernon Creek, Wrinkley Head Mountain (love that name), James Lake, Oyama Lake and of course at Cosen’s Bay off Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park in Vernon. The High Rim Trail has recently been upgraded and the photos at do a great job of telling the revitalization story.

Not surprisingly, Kelowna has many hiking trails in this beautiful area that should be enjoyed by all. So, it’s time to share some of them with my readers.

The most obvious trails and perhaps the best ones known locally are Knox Mountain and the Mission Creek Greenaway where people can hike with their dogs as long as they keep them on a leash. The trails at Knox Mountain are challenging and fun but culminate in amazing views of the beautiful blue Okanagan Lake and the wondrous valley around it. The Mission Creek Greenaway runs from the Mission area of town all the way to Rutland. Kids from 2 all the way up to 100 years old can enjoy different sections of this fabulous trail.

The Kettle Valley Railway is a spectacular easy to hike trail with numerous access points; Myra Canyon, June Springs, and Chute Lake. This fun trail suits both day and overnight hikes and my favorite part is the easy grade along most of it. It’s a well preserved old railway bed with trestles, tunnels and spectacular views that seldom exceed grades of 2.2%.

For anyone wishing to meander along the shores Okanagan Lake the Bertram Creek Regional Park has great trails with swimming and picnic areas.

Or perhaps a short inspiring hike to get your adrenaline pumping with amazing views of the lake and city is more your style. Dilworth Mountain is spectacular and visible from almost anywhere in Kelowna. The trails at BlueSky at Black Mountain are being completed in partnership with the City of Kelowna and Melcor Developments and offer 360 degree views of this the valley.

Kelowna Properties Steps to Walking Trails at BlueSky

There are so many great trails in this area that I can’t mention them all however, this link to the Tourism Kelowna website will help you discover the hike of your dreams.

Kelowna: A Place To Call Home

Kelowna: A Place to Call Home

In the heart of the Okanagan Valley lies the beautiful city of Kelowna. While Kelowna has been hailed as one of Canada’s top tourist destinations because of its sweeping vistas, award-winning amenities and appealing climate, there has been a recent surge in home sales with people wanting to settle down and call Kelowna ‘home’.

The word ‘home’ evokes a picturesque vision of a place to belong, a haven of rest and security, and a personalized environment. As a result of masterfully planned communities, buyers are eagerly embracing all that Kelowna has to offer to set up their idyllic home. New community developments such as that of BlueSky at Black Mountain allow buyers to customize their Kelowna home to make it the perfect place to return after a day’s work. Ranging from villas to executive townhomes, purchasing a Kelowna home is as simple as choosing the design, lot and views you desire.

Not only are these Kelowna homes available for customization but truly capture the essence of Kelowna living, situated in a community where families, couples and individuals can feel a sense of belonging. Multi-purpose walking trails, family-friendly parks, new tennis courts and the expertly groomed Black Mountain Golf Club provide the ideal setting for outdoor activities and neighborhood interaction. The Black Mountain Elementary School is conveniently located beside the development perfect for families moving to the neighborhood.

When choosing to purchase a Kelowna home, the beauty of the region is also a big contributing factor. The sparkling Okanagan Lake situated in the heart of the cultural district downtown is one of the gems of the city. Providing hours of entertainment through water sports, outdoor concerts and festivals, and beach time, the summer months are not complete without time by the lake.

The summer and fall months are also capitalized by the many events taking place around the city and especially within the downtown cultural district. Award-winning restaurants, bistros, neighborhood pubs and cafes featuring delicious local fare, bands and community programs are just a taste of what Kelowna has to offer. Local wineries overlooking the valley feature outdoor concerts, tantalizing menus and of course, award-winning vintages to try.

What is not commonly embraced about the city of Kelowna is the year-round sense of community. Known for the summer and fall months, Kelowna also provides fantastic winter and spring activities. Only a 40 minute drive from one of Canada’s best ski resorts, Big White, living in Kelowna allows residents access to some of the best snow conditions in the world. The mild conditions experienced in the city also allows for year-round outdoor activities even during the cooler winter months.

Choosing to buy a Kelowna home is not just about the physical structure containing your customized hardwood flooring or granite countertops, but is also about the warmth and friendliness of the community. And while the city of Kelowna may be known for its tourist attractions, the truth of the city is in choosing to make Kelowna your home and embracing the many amazing facets found when embracing life in this beautiful community.