Clifton McKinley Property

October 23, 2014
Lakeside Communities Inc. is working forward with plans to develop the area near the end of Clifton Road.
The City of Kelowna has set a limit on the potential development at 200 units.  We hope to start construction on-site and off-site  in 2017 with the first lots being registered the fall of 2017.
We are maintaining a data base of individuals who wish to receive early marketing options.  If you wish to send comments directly to us and receive updates directly, please send an email to and
kelowna properties 1
 mckinley clifton 6 small views from first phase


Lakeside Communities Inc.


  • Sue & Brian James

    we lived at McKinley Landing for 20 years and are looking to retire there. Would love to know “ballpark” what the lots/houses will be listed at approx of course. thanks Sue

    • kelownaishome

      Hi Sue,

      Please give Tobi McNeil or Andrew Bruce a call at 250-717-8390.

      We are looking to have our approvals in hand by the end of the summer which could mean that we commence pre-sales this fall. In an ideal world, we would be working on Phase 1 through the winter and spring with the goal of having registered lots ready for next fall. We are too early to be able to provide pricing. Phase 1 will be right off the end of Clifton Road North with most of the lots having great lake views.

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